In the year 2022, the number of bombings have escalated. The military fails to stop this menace. Moreover, the City has her hands full as well. She has been enslaved by corruption and crime. There is no police force to defend them from the enemy strongholds that inhabit the city – these enemies take no mercy. They control all networks that circulate in society. Society’s basic needs for food, clothes, water and fuel are squeezed into tight spacing with heavy taxes imposed on everything that is exchanged. Thus, everyone lives hungry and thirsty with not much room to breath or any future as a result from all these extreme crises that break out in every corner of society.

The City hires John Matzaloni under a contract for 10 years to be compensation for his services about how he handles complex affairs in public office and corporate governance arenas? He will be reimbursed what he would have earned in those 10 years of time, if he would have been able-bodied – In return, The

After a future where everyone has slave robots, contractors grapple with unfulfilled duties and the forbidden curiosity of questioning the government and the law by performing odd–but earnest–experiments. Oldie is starting a mining company.

Forty-year-old Eric was living in an aluminum lean-to with his mother which had been judged as unfit for human occupancy, but never razed because of Eric’s knack for bizarre and sometimes ingenious contraventions.

The events start as he sets about rebuilding a discarded security droid into a teacher for local children. His goal is to help children stay within the fold of their domed settlement, where everything is controlled by more totalitarian powers. One of the main motivations for this is that he believes that all their records are unreliable anyway because this has been proven by hacking into the school bulletin where he found articles, lies, and fantasies all printed to support current ideology.

After an American warlord commits terror in the Middle East, an extremely intelligent Washington Scientist devises a plan to stop him, but the Government denies the scientific plan because of its very high fatality rates. The contractors go out to that place, find the lair and commence operations. They managed to kill dictator and build nation model, then soldiers came from all over the world and form peace in that place.

The Objectives:

defeat Terrorist

destroy Nation

scenario for recovery

“How a bunch of idiots never chat on the internet or give any phone service. My contract included logging in.”

Short, to the point, and concise. He scribbles out the email address before logging off. The screen shuts off and he tells himself it’s time for coffee again. Getting up from his living room couch, he stretches for minute before heading toward the kitchen and hating on a cute kitten picture alike of what goes through his mind after withdrawal from social media or popular collective sites.

Charles has always been interested computer and gaming. He built up his own gaming portal in his teen years and has enjoyed a lucrative business that kept him occupied and happy. There was never a time where he lost interest in Artificial Intelligence, and that was how he created his own company to help create games with AI.

Charles knew he wanted to build up the kind of AI that could be convincing and had met with a lot of success. But this past year something went wrong, or rather went well for someone else. Tech companies started pouring money into the contract for the 2022 models of Artificial Intelligence! The number has reached 50 billion dollars!

Charles was left completely astounded at the bidding war companies were going through to hire out AI, who were now threatening their jobs. Companies like Cybergenetics were battling with companies like ND Tech to hire talented developers in-game development, leading to an all-out war against each other.

Charles never saw it coming as they

Robert is someone who just had a normal day at work. He is an average carpenter, so he had all the same problems like dealing with codes and understanding requirements. He visits his family in the evenings, he lives with the person he cares about most in the world. One day, his boss comes up to him with a contract and tells him that his superior has a meeting tomorrow with someone and needs something quickly done. His boss just asks him to tell him what his limits are before he agrees to do it on such short notice. The cat doesn’t know why she is so insecure about this person when she has never experienced anything like this in her life before. The cat thought that she would be fine if it were anyone else but of course this man is going for the one word that is forbidden: love. After more consideration, he realizes that not only will he be giving up an evening with his family and his partner’s evening time because they have a project they are equal partners


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